Hey there!
I am Sonali Nigam.


Over last 4 years, I have enjoyed bringing simple, useful and delightful experiences into otherwise complex enterprise applications. During this time, I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of communication products at Cisco Inc. I care deeply about bringing focus to the humans involved with the technologies.

With background in business management, I transitioned to design in 2016, when I learnt about design. It was a eureka moment in my life after I read "Design of Everyday Things" and went through self-initiated, re-design exercise on DoorDash. My background in business helps me connect the dots between what user wants to the business strategy.

When not designing for work, I would be spending time contemplating over the designs in our everyday life. I am also a health nut who likes to cook healthy dishes, try new exercise regiments and spend time in nature. I can been seeing enjoying my time with my 7 year old daughter, caring for my plants and watch my fishes swim mindlessly!