Design and Observations

Since, I started learning more about design and UX, I see everything from a critical and analytic perspective. As if I am trying to find problems that are going un-noticed and take that as a challenge for myself to solve. Or just trying to understand how people interact with products or amongst one another.


Lately, my commute on BART and CalTrain have especially been long, proving an interesting spot for observing people. Be it trains or the stations. A few weeks back, I spotted a guy trying to disconnect his phone. He tried to disconnect a multiple times, as he wasn’t sure if the phone actually got disconnected. This brief observation, got me thinking about the problem he might be facing. I realized he wasn’t getting feedback from the system. I even went ahead and designed a solution in my head. I thought on ways to provide that feedback, including vibrating the phone when a user disconnects. I am not sure if I would have noticed this before. There are many incidents like these in my daily routine where I had spent time to understand the interactions.

I even feel that I am developing taste for good art and architecture. I liked to paint when I was growing up but that got dropped when I started studying business. I feel I am getting that back and that gives me great satisfaction. Now, I am fine spending time in a art museum, which I would have dreaded doing some time back.

If you are a budding designer, you will notice the change happening to you. And if you already feel it, let me know about what changes you notice in yourself. Has the taste for music or art changed? Or did you start focusing on details that you never did? For me, it feels like I have put on a new lens that makes me see the world better, and I am loving it.